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Software Solution was established by the cumulative effort of a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing out a revolution in IT Sector, Software’s and Computer aided jobs. Software Solution is committed to create excellence in software development & web technologies. It is a leading company with many joint ventures and collaborations in the fields of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Image Processing, Instant SMS Communication & Web based ERP solutions, Computerized Lottery System and is currently expanding innovative IT solutions to Government Departments as well as Multi National Corporation’s and many other clients. We have a group of professionals from different fields, capable of providing total I.T. solutions to our valued customers.

We have years of experience and credentials in the following field:
  • i) Software Programming & Development
  • ii) Network Designing and Implementation
  • iii) Computerized Data Entry & Data Processing
  • iv) Annual Maintenance Contract
  • v) Corporate Training
  • vi) Computer Hardware & Peripherals Supply and Servicing
  • vii) Other Misc. Technical & Commercial Services
  • viii) Computer Aided Printing

Special Expertise in OMR Scanning & OMR Solution

Optical Mark Recognition (also called Optical Mark Reading and OMR) is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests. If you are running a tutorial or college or any institution or any examination and you need OMR to be implemented for your organization We are dealing with OMR solution with very affordable rate and 100 % accuracy. This is about our OMR based automated Data Collection & Assessment process.

The solution is appreciated by several organizations as an excellent tool for the facilitation of:
  • - MCQ based Objective Examination
  • - Departmental Training & Assessment
  • - Feedbacks
  • - Surveys & Questionnaires
  • - HR projects outsourcing
  • - Organizational Polling

Our OMR Programme offers the advantages of speed, accuracy, flexibility & economy with much greater ease of use as compared to other conventional OMR solution provider.

It has a choice of 3 services:
  • • OMR Answer Sheet Checker service is ideally suited for evaluation of MCQ answer sheets used in exams.
  • • OMR Form Reader service is good for data collection and survey forms.
  • • Question Paper Generator service is to easily & quickly generate question papers from a Question Bank according to given specification.

Accuracy of OMR Result:

Software Solutions OMR software are 100% accurate and deliver results with 100% accuracy even for tilted or skewed sheets. Unlike other OMR Solutions where it is essential to maintain straight scanning of OMR Sheet but in case of Software Solutions OMR Software, the OMR Software automatically rotates and corrects tilted OMR sheets to deliver accurate results. The accuracy of the results is not affected by thickness of the paper or colour of OMR Sheet printing. The accuracy is also unaffected by thenumber of OMR sheets to be read.

The OMR Software has intelligent OMR Scanning defect detection mechanism which automatically adjusts OMR Reader parameter in case of differentmodes of OMR scanning in the same lot of OMR Sheets. Thus minimizing the case of rejection to almost zero.

Speed of OMR Scanner:

Instant and detailed OMR test results of more than 4000 OMR Sheets is achieved in less than 1 hour. The speed of OMR form reading is not affectedby the number of OMR sheets to be read.